Simple Pricing. Billed Annually.

Our Pricing is Simple. We Bill Annually.

No Hidden Costs.

Which Licence is right for you?

Our licencing is very simple. It is based on the number of licenced users in your Microsoft 365 tenant.

See our pricing FAQ below for more information.

ProvisionPoint Workspaces

Governance and management of Microsoft 365 workspaces.

ProvisionPoint 365

Governance and management for both Microsoft 365 workspaces, and permissions.

What is included?


24x7 Service

ProvisionPoint 365 is working when you are.


No Licence Guarantee

Our features will NEVER require additional Microsoft licences.

Updates Forever

Cloud power means you’re up to date, always.

Azure Security

Our solutions are built and hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Unlimited Support

Support is free for the life of your subscription.

Onboarding Service

We’ll get you up and running like a seasoned pro in no time.

Questions About Pricing?

To discuss pricing or to receive a personalised quote, contact us using the form below.


How does my subscription work?

ProvisionPoint 365 is licenced on an annual basis.

We will automatically renew and bill when your renewal is due.

If you wish to discuss monthly licence options, please use the form.

How many licences do I need?

You need to licence ProvisionPoint 365 for every licenced user in your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Guest users and External users are not counted against your licence quota.

Users that have a licence for Exchange (mailbox), SharePoint (SharePoint, Teams), or Teams (TeamsPro) are considered to be licenced users of your tenant.

Users that have licences for non-collaborative services within your tenant (such as PowerBI) or users that use other services (such as Dynamics 365) without Office or Microsoft 365 licences are not considered licenced users of your tenant.

Do I need Azure licences?

No features of ProvisionPoint 365 require additional licences.

What is Enhanced Onboarding?

Your licence includes a basic onboarding service to get ProvisionPoint 365 connected to your Microsoft 365 tenant.

If you want us to work with you to get set up with some customised Service Definitions and a period of real-time Teams-based “getting started” services, our Enhanced Onboarding gives you a great start.

Can I pay in my local currency?

As standard, we are able to quote and bill in US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars. If you need a quotation in your local currency, please use the form to request.

We are able to bill in a number of additional currencies. Please contact us using the form to discuss your needs in more detail.

Do I need a credit card?

You do not need a credit card for a trial of ProvisionPoint 365.

If you wish to pay your annual subscription charges via card, please talk to your account manager.

What are Additional Services?

We offer a number of additional services including:

  • Customisation
  • Development
  • Custom Integration (ServiceNow, Dynamics, PowerApps, etc.)
  • Custom Action creation and hosting
  • Microsoft 365 governance consultancy
  • and more

Please use the form to discuss any further services you may require.

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