Assisting your migration to Microsoft Cloud

by | May 12, 2022 | Blog

With a lot of organisations migrating to Microsoft 365 cloud there are many ongoing discussions and challenges this can bring forward. For example, what is the difference between a Team or Site, when should a Yammer community be used or how can we govern these new environments?

What can ProvisionPoint 365 do to help? Our customers have utilised our app and expertise to assist their migrations with more understanding and control over their cloud environment. We have done this by focusing on the following aspects.

Fully scope and template your workspaces

Get your governance right from the word go! Our customer success team can offer guidance on what can be done within the Microsoft environment and guide you through using ProvisionPoint Workspaces to build workspace templates to suit your organisation’s requirements. These can include, implementing a naming convention, approval processes, assigning lifecycle processes, defining owners and security options as well as updating workspaces that already exist.

We can give your organisation assurance and accuracy in what can be created.

Improve adoption as soon as you go live

ProvisionPoint allows for self-service provisioning from the day one. Control who can request new workspaces based on Azure Active Directory Security groups and where requests can be made from. Less work importing and creating sites after the live date means easier adoption and usage for end users, and peace of mind for your organisation. All of this relieves the workload of IT teams and will keep that pressure off in the future. 

Bulk creation and importing of existing workspaces

We utilise our API to create Workspaces on bulk and ensure any existing workspaces are imported and brought in line with your requirements and defined templates. ProvisionPoint allows for Sites to be created with predefined structure and consistent security.

Manage compliance of your workspaces

Once your workspaces are created, use compliance policies and actions to ensure your workspaces keep meeting your organisation requirements, or report and notify your IT team or Owners of non-compliance.

The core of what we do at ProvisionPoint is to help build defined templates and manage the ongoing compliance and security of those collaborative areas. This will ensure your IT teams are aware of what is created and that approval processes are followed.

We are presenting a Webinar on this subject on Wednesday 25th May at either 8:30am BST or 5pm BST. You can register for this here.

To learn more, contact your account manager for more information, or book a demonstration to see how we could assist you.