Microsoft 365 Lifecycle Management

Self-Service Tools to Improve Microsoft 365 Lifecycle Management equals Happy Users and Lowered Helpdesk Workload.

Self-Service for Office 365

Improve adoption by enabling user self-service to request new Office 365 objects relevant to your organisational needs. Reduce the need to use other insecure cloud services by making the request process simple and efficient.

In ProvisionPoint 365, authorised users can request from a selection of templates to create SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. Restrict or exclude some users from being able to create certain Office 365 objects.


Transparent Ownership of Office 365 Objects

Make ownership central to the lifecycle of an object in Office 365 and embed this into your adoption programme. Allow owners to be visible throughout Office 365 from individual objects to global navigation directories.

Set owners at the point of creating a SharePoint site, Office 365 Group, Microsoft Team, or Planner. Change ownership when appropriate to ensure that objects do not get orphaned and continue to be managed effectively.

Enforce Lifecycle Using Actions

Use ProvisionPoint 365 to delegate key actions so that authorised users can effectively manage sites, Groups and Teams.  Define which actions an owner can complete against specific objects without granting full administrative rights.

An Office 365 Object can be effectively managed by delegated actions including changing security, managing the lease and object deletion. Site owners can also enhance an existing site by creating new lists and libraries from defined templates.

Improve Lifecycle Management with Leases

Improve Lifecycle Management with Leases

Get more control over the expiry process for sites, Teams and Groups created in Office 365. Have flexibility over your content retention strategy by assigning different leases against different Office 365 objects.

Use ProvisionPoint 365 to define the lease period for different objects created in Office 365. Set specific expiry options for a lease including archiving, notifications, removing access,  deletion, and more.

Lifecycle Features for All Workspace Types

ProvisionPoint Workspaces is jam-packed with lifecycle features to enable seamless on-going management of all workspace types.

Change Site Details

Update Site Information

Easily update the Title and Description of an Office 365 object, without having to use complex settings menus. All changes are reflected in the Global Site Directory.


Change Security

Update Object Security

An authorised user in ProvisionPoint 365 can change the security on an Office 365 Object without being an administrator.


SharePoint Site Directory

Site Directory

Use ProvisionPoint 365 to create and maintain a global site directory. Browse and navigate your site structure with ease and find key information quickly.


Change Security

Notify Users of Expiry

Inform users when workspace expiry is due. Empower your user community to override expiry when the business case supports.


Change Site Details

Manage Workspace Disposal

Ensure workspaces with no purpose are removed to keep you protected, legal, and compliant.


Change Security

Enforce Workspace Ownership

Ensure that workspaces never become orphaned with user-enabled reassignment of workspace ownership.


Create. Use. Retain. Dispose.

Office 365 encourages collaboration, it’s made for it. Users create within objects and containers in Office 365 like never before.

With so much going on it is hardly surprising that chaos is easily introduced. ProvisionPoint 365 brings control to the chaos by enabling seamless management of the lifecycle of Office 365 objects and containers.

From the point of object creation, throughout its use, and onto its retention and disposal, ProvisionPoint 365 puts simplified lifecycle management front and centre of the user experience.

Self Service for Office 365
Office 365 Governance

Authorisation and Compliance

ProvisionPoint 365 brings approval process into provisioning. Whether requesting SharePoint sites, Office 365 Groups, or Microsoft Teams, approval can be requested where needed.

With the importance of privacy and security ever-increasing, organisations use ProvisionPoint 365 to maintain the right privacy, security, and visibility of Office 365 objects. Simple management of SharePoint security groups and Office 365 Group privacy is effortlessly coupled to the control of guest access and external users.

With its innovative reporting, ProvisionPoint 365 can be used to review trends in provisioning, governance, and lifecycle requests across an Office 365 tenant, leveraging its unique action-by-action visual timeline of each object.

Safely Empower User Self-Service

User self-service can be an important part of an adoption strategy for Office 365. However, there is a risk of users applying security poorly, creating the wrong object or duplicating an existing object. Having the right governance tool will eliminate this risk.

Management is an essential component of any SharePoint or Office 365 implementation. Organisations have significant concerns about security and data privacy as Office 365, although secure, encourages users to be collaborative both inside and outside of the organisational boundary. 

ProvisionPoint 365 can improve Governance in Office 365. Users can be empowered while avoiding security risks, information chaos, or object duplication with no need to compromise functionality or visibility.

Office 365 Governance