With the company founded in 2015, we launched ProvisionPoint 365 after a significant investment in 2017 funded the development of our solution.

Choosing to avoid the “minimum viable product” method, we took the time to ensure that our launch release was fit for purpose, not merely good enough to launch with. Functionality Sorted.

Since launching the product, our growth has accelerated, with new customers, partners, team members, and product features joining us.

Our Team vision

Our Vision

Our vision is simple – to bring Microsoft 365 governance to life for all customers.

With tireless engagement with the marketplace enabling constant product innovation, we’re keenly focused on ensuring that our customers are able to govern Microsoft 365 effectively, always.

Global Reach

With customers, partners, and team members around the world, ProvisionPoint continues to grow into new territories, datacenters, and countries on a daily basis.



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