Microsoft 365 Provisioning

Improve your Microsoft 365 Provisioning and Rapidly Provision Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, Viva Engage Communities, Plans, and more.

Provision Microsoft Teams

Get Microsoft Provisioning right and maximize value from Microsoft Teams by using ProvisionPoint for provisioning and management. Create different types of Teams to suit different business purposes, which can have varying levels of security and governance.

Ensure that there is justifiable reason for each Team which is created and that the Team is created according to organisational rules. Manage how a Team is provisioned with control over Settings, Channels and Conversations.

Provisioning Microsoft Teams
Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections

Provision SharePoint Site Collections

ProvisionPoint supports the provisioning of either Classic or Modern SharePoint site collections. Create Team Sites, Document Centers, Community Sites, Project Sites and Communication Sites.

Define site collection specific settings including the URL path, site columns and content types. Manage the security settings for the site collection by restricting external access and setting the administrators.

Provision Microsoft 365 Groups

ProvisionPoint helps organisations better manage Microsoft 365 Groups with a comprehensive provisioning solution. Get control over how Group objects are created in your Active Directory by managing who can create Groups and how they are named.

Define any customisations which are applied to an Microsoft 365 Group, including the Theme and Logo. Deliver better organisational compliance by applying the correct privacy level to Groups when they are provisioned.

Provisioning Office 365 Groups
Provisioning SharePoint Sub Sites

Provision SharePoint Sub-Sites

Deliver improved provisioning of SharePoint sub-sites by using ProvisionPoint. Maintain control of the structure of your SharePoint sites by managing where sub-sites are created and providing a consistent navigation experience.

Implement a consistency to your SharePoint sub-sites by defining which base template is used to create the site. Apply further organisation specific customisations including lists, libraries, pages and web parts.

Provision Viva Engage Communities

Viva Engage Communities as modern workspaces create an interesting problem for Microsoft 365 administrators. The Group connected nature of a Viva Engage Communities makes it hard to enable self-service without releasing control to the user community.

ProvisionPoint lets you keep control where it is needed – at the top – whilst enabling seamless self-service for the provisioning of Viva Engage Communities, win-win.

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Provisioning Features for All Workspace Types

ProvisionPoint Workspaces is jam-packed with provisioning features to enable seamless ongoing management of all workspace types.

Service Definition

Service Definitions

Service Definitions are how you specify the type of Microsoft 365 workspace to create and how they are configured. Specify a Site Collection, Sub Site, Microsoft 365 Group or Microsoft Team and configure the components including lists, pages, branding, security and more.


PnP Provisioning Templates

PnP Provisioning

ProvisionPoint 365 fully supports the PnP Provisioning Framework meaning that complex operations can be enabled. PnP Templates can be used to provision and configure SharePoint Sites, Microsoft Teams, Groups, Planner and much more.



SharePoint Sites

Provision SharePoint Sites in the blink of an eye with fully customisable site templates or via a PnP template for more flexibility.


Authorisation Workflow

Microsoft Teams

Seamlessly provision ready-to-go Microsoft Teams including standard channels, private channels, apps, all with NO wiki tab!


PnP Provisioning Templates

Planner Provisioning

By using ProvisionPoint, organisations can preconfigure Planner Plans as part of the Teams provisioning process.  These plans can include default Buckets and Tasks. Service Definitions keep Plans aligned with Teams ensuring a cohesive experience for all users.



Viva Engage Provisioning

By using ProvisionPoint, organisations can provision Viva Engage Communities quickly and simply. With the flexibility of ProvisionPoint Service Definitions to create relevant Viva Engage Communities, the fully managed Group control is now realised.More…


NeverFail Replay

Provisioning jobs never fail thanks to our NeverFail Replay™ technology. If Microsoft 365 is having problems, or errors are introduced in the provisioning request, NeverFail Replay ensures every job will succeed without requiring resubmission by the user.



Azure AD Integration

Use Active Directory attributes in provisioning requests to enable workspace permissions pre-configuration and approval routing based on AD metadata.



PowerApps Integration

Leverage Microsoft PowerApps, including Power Automate, in your provisioning workflow with native support for low-code/no-code triggers and post-provisioning webhooks..



Customisable Forms

Ensure that your workspace provisioning requests capture all the information and metadata required with highly customisable self-validating forms for all workspace request types.