How to use Sensitivity Labels with Microsoft Teams

by | Jul 7, 2024 | Blog, Compliance, Governance Benefits, Permissions, Provisioning, SharePoint

Understanding Sensitivity Labels

Sensitivity Labels are a powerful feature in Microsoft Teams that allow users to classify and protect their data based on its sensitivity. These labels help organizations ensure that sensitive information is handled appropriately and securely.

By assigning them to documents, emails, and other types of content, users can apply consistent protection policies and control access to sensitive data. Sensitivity Labels can be customized to align with an organization’s specific security and compliance requirements.

With Sensitivity Labels, users can easily identify and classify sensitive information, making it easier to handle and protect. These labels provide a visual indicator of the sensitivity level of a document, allowing users to make informed decisions about sharing and collaborating on content.

Understanding these Labels is crucial for effectively implementing data protection measures in Microsoft Teams and ensuring the security of sensitive information.

Setting up Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft 365

Before using Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft Teams, it is necessary to set them up in Microsoft 365. This involves defining the sensitivity levels and configuring the associated protection policies.

To set them up, administrators can navigate to the Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal and access the Sensitivity Labels configuration settings. From there, they can create new labels, define the sensitivity levels, and specify the protection controls to be taken for each level.

Administrators can also customize the labels to align with their organization’s specific requirements, for example with the data classification of a Information Security Management System. This includes assigning colors and names to the labels, as well as configuring the protection settings for different sensitivity levels.

Once they are set up in Microsoft 365, they can be applied to content in Microsoft Teams to enforce the defined protection policies and ensure data security.

Applying Them in Microsoft Teams

Applying Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft Teams is a straightforward process that allows users to classify their content and enforce protection policies.

To apply a Label in Microsoft Teams, users can navigate to the document or conversation they want to label, click on the ‘…’ (more options) button, properties, and select the ‘Apply label’ option. They can then choose the appropriate Sensitivity Label from the available options and apply it to the content.

Once it is applied, the content is automatically tagged with the corresponding sensitivity level and the defined protection policies are enforced. This ensures that the content is handled and shared according to the organization’s security and compliance requirements.

By applying these labels in Microsoft Teams, users can easily identify and manage sensitive information, promoting a secure collaboration environment.

The optimal approach is to use a app like ProvisionPoint. ProvisionPoint empowers administrators to control their tenant and maintain compliance. It automates processes by creating templates for your predefined use cases for Sensitivity Labels.

Collaborating securely with Sensitivity Labels

Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft Teams enable secure collaboration by ensuring that sensitive information is handled appropriately and protected from unauthorized access.

When collaborating on documents or conversations that are labeled, users can be confident that the content is being shared and accessed by the right people. The protection policies associated with the label control who can view, edit, and share the content.

Users can also easily identify the sensitivity level of a document or conversation by the label applied to it. This helps them make informed decisions about sharing and collaboration, reducing the risk of accidental data leakage.

Collaborating securely with Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft Teams enhances data protection and helps organizations maintain confidentiality and compliance.

Monitoring and managing 

Monitoring and managing Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft Teams is essential for maintaining an effective data protection strategy.

Administrators can monitor the usage of them through the Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Center. They can track the application of labels to content, review the protection policies in place, and identify any potential gaps or issues.

Additionally, administrators can manage them by making updates or modifications as needed. This includes adding new labels, modifying existing labels, or adjusting the associated protection policies.

Regularly monitoring and managing your labels you can ensures that data protection measures remain up to date and aligned with the organization’s evolving security and compliance requirements.

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