Manage Microsoft 365 Owners

Define and manage Microsoft 365 ownership and responsibility for Teams, Sites, Groups, and more.

Owners and Ownership

There is often an issue with the ongoing management of SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.  However this can be addressed by defining clear Office 365 Ownership.  Furthermore, adoption of Office 365 can be improved with greater ownership and responsibility.

Owners and Ownership are central to ProvisionPoint 365.  This is because they are visible throughout the app, including the Directory and Timeline.  This helps with defining clear responsibility for each SharePoint Site, Office 365 Group or Microsoft Team.  As a result, organisations can be confident to make Ownership a central component of their Office 365 adoption strategy.


Managing Owners

In ProvisionPoint 365, Owners can be set for each SharePoint Site, Office 365 Group and Microsoft Team.  They can be set when an object is created or changed with a Site Action.  As a result, information should be more relevant, and Office 365 managed more effectively.

Owners can clearly see their SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.  Furthermore, they can manage these objects with a series of Actions to update functionality and classification.  Also Owners can manage the disposal of objects they own with Lease Management.

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