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Easily Locate Sites in a Clear, Comprehensible Single Site Directory.

Benefit From the Ability to View Timeline History.

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The Global Site Directory

ProvisionPoint 365 maintains a single Site Directory which gives a clear and simple interface in which users can find sites. It provides the structure which is lacking in Office 365, with the added benefit of being able to see a history of actions for a site via the Timeline. By default this Site Directory is open but you can trim what is shown by a hierarchy of users.

We have also taken this one step further by allowing the pushing of all the provisioning information, including all custom request fields, into a SharePoint List. This information could be displayed in web parts or used to trigger workflow when a new SharePoint Site is created.

Site Directory
Site Directory Information

Why use a Global Site Directory?

Office 365 is increasingly becoming restructured, with Modern Sites created in a flat hierarchy. This makes it hard to find a specific site or understand its purpose. This situation is further complicated as different organisations will want to apply their own hierarchy and classification.

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