Keeping Up with the Globalisation of Microsoft 365

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Blog, Home Page, Microsoft Technologies

There is no denying it. Microsoft 365 really has gone international.

Fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic and a rush to support remote working and home learning, Microsoft 365 is now everywhere. This globalisation of Microsoft 365 is backed up by the recent update from Microsoft execs. reporting that Microsoft Teams now has 250 million monthly active users, up from the 145 million daily active user number shared in April.

From London to Sydney, Calgary to Barcelona and beyond, in the classroom, at the office, and at home – many of us have already embraced Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Groups and other Microsoft 365 technologies into our daily lives to communicate and collaborate on a global scale with colleagues, clients, family and friends.

As the adoption of Microsoft 365 technologies rapidly accelerates, many organisations are facing new IT pressures and resource challenges. Overwhelmed by the demand to swiftly create new Microsoft Teams and Groups to drive workplace productivity and support remote working, many are struggling to maintain proper governance and control. 

We are dedicated to bringing Microsoft 365 governance to organisations of all shapes and sizes, across the globe. We remain committed to the continuous development of our platform to deliver valued, new functionality that supports our customers’ needs. And in response to international customer demand, we’ve spent loads of time over the last year addressing this. 

So, what have we done?

Multi-Lingual Support 

ProvisionPoint 365 is cleverly engineered to respond quickly to language updates.

We can easily introduce new languages to localise ProvisionPoint 365 right down to an individual user level. ProvisionPoint Workspaces is already available in five languages – Dutch, English, French German and Spanish – and since the launch of our brand new ProvisionPoint Permissions solution in English back in June 2021, we have added localisation support for four further languages in just two months. 

It is easy to define the global default language setting and even enable individual users to customise their own front-end interface to display the language of their choice. Customers are already telling us that this multi-lingual feature is helping drive user adoption and engagement, speed up the creation of compliant Teams and Sites, improve lifecycle management, and decrease IT workload across the organisation.

Multi-lingual support in ProvisionPoint 365

Global Data Centres, Local Capabilities

In line with the globalisation of Microsoft 365, we’ve also invested in several data centres around the world, to better support our international customers and partners maintain good governance and compliance over SharePoint and Teams at a local level.

We have a Microsoft Azure service instance of ProvisionPoint Workspaces in Switzerland, which is ideal for our Swiss customers challenged by strict data sovereignty requirements. We also have data centre capability in Australia, where ProvisionPoint Workspaces is securely hosted at Microsoft’s Australia Central data centre, providing greater performance and speed of our cloud governance solution. We also have a presence in other UK, US and EU data centres to truly offer a local service on a global scale.

Data Residency Requirements

Talking of data, we know many of our customers are challenged by data residency rules and it is a top priority for many. Which is why we’ve invested in building new multi-geo functionality into ProvisionPoint Workspaces, to provision and store workspace data at rest in different Geo locations in order to meet local data residency requirements and compliance rules. No web hooks, no scripting, no manual intervention, no additional admin, and no user disruption necessary.

Go Global Yet Keep it Local

Microsoft 365 is rapidly growing on a global scale.

Yet here at ProvisionPoint, we remain committed to localisation.

The value we place on this is clearly demonstrated in our localised capabilities and functionality developed to support our international customer and partner base.

If you would like to see any of these features in action, why not book a demo and see it for yourself?

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