Using Teams In The Construction Sector

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Blog

Microsoft Teams is widely used within the construction sector. This is because the tools make collaborative working and the management of your projects, simple and effective.

Construction companies, architects and consulting specialists can all use the collaborative features of SharePoint and Teams to manage their contracts, specifications, drawings, and project plans.

At ProvisionPoint we work with customers who have used the functions in SharePoint and Teams to manage their projects and files. In the process, we’ve noticed some very common challenges.

Repeatable Project Creation

As a heavily regulated industry, construction companies have set procedures to follow. This means that users will be performing similar tasks repeatedly. Tasks like budget planning, defining scope, legal requirement checklists and building design are likely to require the same set of resources each time you tackle them. A key side of governance is controlling what will be created when your user starts a new project.

Repeatable templates

ProvisionPoint offered a them solution with pre-defined templates. Admins set the permissions, files and apps they need for a task within a template that they can activate at any time. This way they can deploy a new Team instantly, skipping the lengthy set up process. All of these capabilities are available as a simple self-service function, taking pressure off of project managers or IT leads.

SharePoint Security

When you create a large numbers of project sites it can pose a security risk. It’s very common for someone to accidentally share a site with the wrong users or make sensitive content visible to the whole organisation.

With ProvisionPoint 365, admins can easily define who will have access to SharePoint sites and if they will be private. Displaying the Owner of each site improves ongoing management of that site by proving clear responsibility.  Finally, a range of permissions reports are available so admins can quickly view who sites are shared with and have confidence that they are secure.

Limited in-house IT resources

Some of our customers were concerned that managing all of these extra functions could put a strain on IT resources. ProvisionPoint 365 lets you streamline how your projects are created and ensures they are correctly secured, which reduces the workload for admins. As a result.  they were able to manage Teams efficiently and with limited resources.

Next Steps

We are here to assist you in streamlining how your projects are created and to ensure they are correctly secured. To see more about how we have helped similar customers, you can view our case study section.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us for a demonstration. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for more useful content.