Webinar: Microsoft Teams Governance and Lifecycle Management

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Blog


Microsoft Teams is the new hub for teamwork and collaboration in Office 365. It is an excellent tool for user empowerment, with lots of flexibility, but there also many governance challenges.  How can you ensure that Teams are created in a consistent manner and with appropriate privacy?  How can effectively manage the sprawl of too many Teams?

In this webinar Product Manager, Peter Baddeley will introduce ProvisionPoint’s solution for the management of Microsoft Teams. Peter will show how to add an approval step to Teams creation, classify Teams and define privacy.  Peter will also demonstrate how Teams created using ProvisionPoint 365 include default Settings, Channels and Tabs.  Finally, Peter will demonstrate how ProvisionPoint 365 manages the archiving of Teams with a Lifecycle Management solution.

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Date and Time: 26th June 2019, 11AM EST

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