Have confidence in storing your Confidential data in Microsoft Teams

by | Mar 16, 2019 | Compliance

Every organisation has confidential data and they need to be sure before storing it in a tool like Microsoft Teams. Can they be confident that a Team containing confidential information will only accessible to authorised users. By making the Team private only users added Owners or Members are able to access the content of the Team and associated documents in SharePoint.

Classifications in Office 365 offer an excellent way to explain to user the sensitivity of the data stored within an Office 365 Group and Modern Team Site. A classification can also be applied in Microsoft Teams, which for example could be used to define a Team as confidential.

Private and Confidential Microsoft Teams

Whilst the options detailed above are excellent ways to manage if a Team contains confidential data they rely on a user correctly setting them when creating a Team. By using ProvisionPoint 365 organisations can be confident that defined Teams are correctly configured from the start.

Configuring a Service Definition

In order to understand the capability offered by ProvisionPoint Enterprise we will use the scenario of creating Teams for a Finance. They want to ensure that any Team requested for Finance should automatically be configured to be Private and should have a classification of confidential.

One approach to delivering this requirement in ProvisionPoint 365 is to create a Service Definition for requesting Finance Teams. An administrator can define that any Team created using that Service Definition will automatically be private and have a classification of confidential. Furthermore an email notification can be sent to a defined user when a new Finance Team is requested.

Configure Confidential Classification

An easy to use solution

The result is an easy to use solution for users which enforces the required governance rules for managing confidential data. In ProvisionPoint 365 only users belonging to a defined Azure Active Directory Group will be able to request a new Finance Team, with the settings configured in the Service Definition.

Request Confidential Microsoft Teams

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