Join the ProvisionPoint team in this new webinar.  In the webinar, you will learn how templates can help maximise the value of SharePoint Sites and Teams.

  • Tuesday, 27 June 2022
  • 09:30 CET or 12:00 EST
  • Peter Baddeley, CEO, ProvisionPoint

Consistent creation of Sites and Teams is important for many organisations. It might be that they are used for projects, marketing campaigns or product development. Further, this requirement also crosses sectors. For example to manage a construction project, a customer brand launch or a government service. Consistency is achieved by using templates.  These templates help ensures documents are correctly filed, tasks are easily managed and users avoid confusion.

Join Peter Baddeley, ProvisionPoint CEO, and Jennifer Pitts, ProvisionPoint Customer Success Manager. In this session, you will learn how templates in ProvisionPoint 365 assist organisations with:

  • Creating Structures of folders and files.
  • Applying consistent appearance and navigation.
  • Using content services including Content Types.
  • Adding Channels with dynamically configured Apps.
  • Creating Planner plans, buckets and tasks.
  • Applying policies for retention.

Further, this can all be achieved, whilst still supporting user adoption.

All guests will be able to ask questions in the live Q&A at the end of the demonstration.