ProvisionPoint 365 for SharePoint

Simple SharePoint Online Governance with Minimum Fuss.

Provisioning for SharePoint Online

ProvisionPoint 365 is the flexible and easy to use solution for provisioning both Classic or Modern SharePoint site collections.

Users are empowered to easily create relevant SharePoint Sites, as well as Team Sites, Document Centers, Community Sites, Project Sites and Communication Sites, which reduces pressure on IT resources.

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Compliance for SharePoint Online

With ProvisionPoint 365, you can manage the security settings for each SharePoint site collection by restricting external access and setting the administrators.

ProvisionPoint 365 can also support requirements for strict governance of SharePoint Sites, including changing the site owner, adding new lists, libraries as well as object deletion.

Lifecycle for SharePoint Online

To avoid chaos, it is important to manage your SharePoint Online Sites in a consistent way. With ProvisionPoint 365 you can use Actions to effectively manage SharePoint Sites.

This robust solution includes an option to delegate a delete action for SharePoint sites. With the ability to define lifecycle actions and assign approvals, you can ensure on-going control while giving greater responsibility to users.

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Solving Office 365 Governance Challenges with ProvisionPoint 365



Prevent Microsoft Workspace Sprawl


Empower Users with Self-Service


Accelerate Office 365 Adoption


Improve Workplace Collaboration


Automate Workspace Disposal


Implement Your Governance Policies


Ensure Workspace Compliance


Increase Efficiency of IT Resources

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