April release helps organisation manage sensitive information in Microsoft 365

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Compliance, News

Organisations have become increasingly reliant on services like Microsoft Teams. It has become the go-to collaboration platform, allowing users to share information from wherever they are working. However, the challenge with a flexible collaboration platform is sensitive information can easily be shared. This could be confidential business information or personal data.

Customers have been telling us about the challenge of managing sensitive information in Microsoft Teams. Therefore the latest release of ProvisionPoint Workspaces introduced several features to help address these challenges. These features help to classify Teams, as well as SharePoint Sites, which contain sensitive information. They also help ensure that the sensitivity of a Team is maintained throughout its lifecycle.

Sensitivity Labels

The April release of ProvisionPoint Workspaces introduces support for defining what Sensitivity Label is set on new Sites and Teams. This allows administrators the option to provide users with the flexibility to set a label or enforce a label on Teams created from a specific template. The latter option is ideally suited for Teams created for a specific purpose to always have the same sensitivity. For example, external projects are not likely to have the same sensitivity as legal document repositories.

We also know that there are circumstances when the sensitivity of information needs to change. To support this requirement the Actions framework in ProvisionPoint Workspaces has been extended to allow Owners to request a change to the sensitivity. Further, the request can require approval and will be recorded on the workspace timeline for auditing.

Compliance Policies

Finally, the Compliance Policies feature in ProvisionPoint Workspaces has been extended to include Teams privacy. There are of course scenarios where organisations require Public Teams that anyone can join. However, these should not be the Teams that contain sensitive HR or Finance information. The Compliance Policy feature runs scheduled checks to identify any non-compliant Sites or Teams. Any non-compliance will be reported in dashboards or emailed as notifications to relevant users. In addition, Privacy can be reset to an organisational standard.

We believe this latest update to ProvisionPoint Workspaces continues our commitment to providing tools to better govern Microsoft 365. SharePoint and Teams are great for sharing information, but organisations need the tools to ensure sensitive information is correctly managed. If you would like to find out more book a demo to see these latest features in action.