New: Custom Email Notifications

by | Jul 14, 2021

Use ProvisionPoint 365 to customise the content and branding of automated email notifications to drive user engagement  


July 2021 – We’re pleased to announce that with our latest ProvisionPoint Workspaces update, you can now customise your email notifications with your own content and branding whenever a new workspace is created, actions are processed or to remind owners about a workspace approaching the end of its lifecycle.

What are Notifications?

Notifications are automated emails sent from ProvisionPoint Workspaces to notify admins or owners of any updates or changes to their Microsoft 365 workspaces that are managed through the ProvisionPoint Workspaces app.

This applies to all Microsoft 365 workspaces, including SharePoint Site Collections, Sub Sites, Groups with Modern Team sites, Microsoft Teams, Yammer Communities and Planner Plans.

Notification recipients can be specified and you can configure a list of updates that will automatically send an email to your selected recipients. Examples of updates include:

  1. When a workspace is created
  2. Before a workspace expires
  3. When the workspace expires
  4. When an Action is run
  5. If there is an error creating a workspace or running an Action
  6. When approval is required
  7. When approval is given

Customise your Email Notifications

Typically, the automated email message content is pre-defined by default.

Now, in ProvisionPoint Workspaces, you can access the default templates to design your own email notification templates – using the content you want, and any corporate headers and footers used across your organisation to meet your brand guideline requirements.

Two new capabilities in ProvisionPoint Workspaces

  • Apply your own branded headers and footers to all email notifications
  • Customise the email content for your workspace creation and lifecycle reminder notifications
Email Notification Template

All documentation regarding how to create and apply custom notification templates is available on the ProvisionPoint support portal.

If you have any questions about this feature, please get in touch.

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