ProvisionPoint 365: Latest release Now Supports Governance for Yammer

by | Sep 22, 2020 | News, Yammer

London, UK, 22 September 2020 – ProvisionPoint announces new Yammer governance support for ProvisionPoint 365

ProvisionPoint Limited, a UK-based company specialised in Workspace Governance for Office 365, announces that governance support for Microsoft Yammer is now available in the latest release of ProvisionPoint 365.

ProvisionPoint 365 is a robust governance solution supporting Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups, Planner, and now Yammer.

Seb Matthews, Chief Revenue Officer at ProvisionPoint 365, explains: “To control Microsoft Teams creation and sprawl, you need to manage who can create Office 365 Groups – as this is the only way Microsoft lets you do it.

“But most new workspaces and connected objects require an Office 365 Group, specifically: a Microsoft Team, a Modern SharePoint Team Site, a Planner Plan or Yammer Group. Many enterprise organisations allow their users to create new Planners and Yammer Groups. But to control Teams creation, organisations would need to remove this self-service function, which has effectively stopped organisations from rolling out governance for Teams. This needed addressing.”

ProvisionPoint 365 is dedicated to making Office 365 workspaces work by giving control to administrators, self-service empowerment to users and peace of mind to management. With Yammer support now included, this SaaS-based tool can continue to support a single experience, maintaining full user self-service, while effectively managing sprawl, compliance and lifecycles.

By merely enabling “ProvisionPoint Mode” in ProvisionPoint 365, every request to create an Office 365 Group connected object will now go through ProvisionPoint 365, offering complete control of Group-based object creation in Office 365.

Seb Matthews concludes: “Planner and Yammer Groups users can also include naming conventions, security and privacy settings, and authorisation processes, as well as all the other great features that ProvisionPoint 365 offers. We’re delighted to include Yammer support as part of our ProvisionPoint 365 release to help our customers control the complexities of Office 365.”

About ProvisionPoint 365:
ProvisionPoint 365 is the workspace governance tool for Office 365. Designed from the ground-up for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups, Planner, Yammer, and more, ProvisionPoint 365 helps to bring order to your Office 365 workspaces.

From preventing Teams sprawl to preserving content for compliance and simplifying provisioning, this powerful SaaS solution gives control to administrators, self-service empowerment to users and peace of mind to management.

Combined with its 3 pillars of workspace governance, ProvisionPoint 365 is a comprehensive solution that helps bring back control, consistency and calm to Office 365, solving all Office 365 governance challenges.


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