Microsoft 365 Compliance

Keep Your Workspaces and Data Compliant At All Times With Minimum Impact To Your User Community.

Improve Discovery with Data Classification

Capture customisable metadata as part of the request process for a SharePoint Site, Microsoft 365 Group or Microsoft Team. Use this information to validate requests, control the visual appearance of objects and set naming conventions.

Classification data can be made visible to users to help them discover and understand specific Microsoft 365 objects. And with the Custom Actions feature, you can also configure your own custom actions to meet specific user requests and build navigation experiences relevant to your users.

Compliance Custom Actions

Enforce Approval of User Requests

Implement organisation specific authorisation processes for certain provisioning requests within Microsoft 365. Notify key users about provisioning requests, authorisation actions and request outcomes.

Use ProvisionPoint 365 to define approval processes to requests for new SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. Implement granular approval to individual Actions, including object deletion.

Ensure Data Security

Have confidence that Self-Service in Microsoft 365 will not cause you compliance headaches. Reduce risk by ensuring that sensitive data locations are secured and classified according to your organisational needs.

In ProvisionPoint 365, ensure the correct privacy settings are applied and manage which users are given access to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups and SharePoint Sites. Maintain ongoing permission compliance with flexible reporting and streamlined permissions management.

Compliance for Office 365

Manage Ongoing Risk

Effectively manage the risk of change, whether that be employees leaving, projects ending or data sharing requirements changing. Define configurable Compliance Policies which can report and action on organisation risks.

Inform administrators of employees who have left the organisation are still a responsible Owner of a Team or Site. Report if data is shared incorrectly and where appropriate reset to organisational standards.

Compliance Features for All Workspace Types

ProvisionPoint Workspaces is jam-packed with compliance features to enable seamless on-going management of all workspace types.

Service Timeline

Service Timeline

Every action completed in ProvisionPoint 365 is tracked. See the detail and history of the changes in the Service Timeline.


Site Statistics

Site Classification

Incorporate modern site classification into your service definitions and control how the classifications are applied in site requests.


Site Statistics

Site Statistics

Use the dashboard to visualise key statistics on provisioning requests for a given time frame.


Authorisation Workflow

Approval Workflow

Configure Approval processes for any provisioning request or action. Route approval to an Active Directory User or Group.


SharePoint Site Directory

Blocked Words

Ensure that users only make use of approved terms when creating workspaces and workspace content.


PnP Provisioning Templates

API Integrations

ProvisionPoint 365 provides APIs to enable integration to your existing Service Management tools. Drive process with services such as Power Apps, ServiceNow, or Power Automate.


Managing the Modern Workplace

With the many possibilities of Microsoft 365, management has never been so important. Collaboration has been enabled like never before, and seemingly harmless user behaviours can introduce risks that need to be managed and mitigated.

ProvisionPoint 365 brings powerful management to Microsoft 365, with top-down control for administrators and seamless experiences for users.

The business is happy. Users are empowered to do more without feeling constrained by the system. A governance win-win.

Classification in Office 365
Lease Management for Office 365

Ongoing Management

Ongoing management matters in Microsoft 365. Things change, chaos takes over. New lists or libraries, more channels, planner tasks, updating permissions. Change is relentless.

ProvisionPoint 365 empowers users to safely manage change in Microsoft 365. Actions can be performed that are centrally defined, but actionable by any permitted user. Everyone can be an administrator, with zero risk.

Sprawl can be prevented, aged data can be eliminated, sites and Teams can be expired and archived, by users or by processes.

ProvisionPoint 365 helps organisations manage the lifecycle of Microsoft 365 containers and objects. Calm is restored.

Improve Governance with Classification

Context is vital for successful user-empowered governance. The correct classification of information, making it easier to find and understand the content, needs to be mapped to a consistent and relevant taxonomy for classification.

ProvisionPoint 365 allows organisations to capture specific metadata as part of the provisioning process. For any Microsoft 365 object, including SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams. Metadata can be shown against a specific item or as part of a global directory. Classification information can be used to enforce governance rules such as branding or object naming.

Classification in Office 365