ProvisionPoint 365 for Teams

Seamless Microsoft Teams Governance with Minimum Fuss.

Provisioning for Microsoft Teams

Use ProvisionPoint 365 to effectively provision and manage and deliver proper Microsoft Teams governance once and for all.

Create different types of Teams for different business purposes with different levels of security and custom approvals, to reduce IT pressure, drive productivity and user empowerment while controlling Teams sprawl.

Microsoft Teams Governance screenshot
Laptop screen Microsoft Teams Governance

Compliance for Microsoft Teams

Use ProvisionPoint 365 to define approval processes to swiftly manage requests to set up a Microsoft Team.

Create simple or multi-step approval processes to fit your specific business requirements where every approval process in ProvisionPoint 365 can have an associated notification template. This template will define the format of notifications sent to the approval parties and the original requester to maintain compliance, ensure proper Teams set up and avoid sprawl.



Lifecycle for Microsoft Teams

ProvisionPoint 365 manages the lifecycle of your Microsoft Teams. and offers consistent way to create, manage and dispose of Microsoft Teams.

With ProvisionPoint 365, you can make ownership central to your lifecycle policy by defining clear ownership for each Microsoft Team to ensure each Teams does not get orphaned and is managed responsibly.

Provisioning SharePoint Site Collections

Solving Office 365 Governance Challenges with ProvisionPoint 365



Prevent Microsoft Workspace Sprawl


Empower Users with Self-Service


Accelerate Office 365 Adoption


Improve Workplace Collaboration


Automate Workspace Disposal


Implement Your Governance Policies


Ensure Workspace Compliance


Increase Efficiency of IT Resources

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