Provisioning SharePoint Communication Sites

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Blog

ProvisionPoint 365 is not just limited to provisioning Modern Team Sites and Office 365 Groups. Organisations which use ProvisionPoint 365 can manage a wide range of Classic and Modern SharePoint Sites, including Communication Sites.

SharePoint Communication Site

There are several good reasons for managing the provisioning and governance of SharePoint Communication Sites. Firstly an organisation may wish to restrict which users can create a Communication Site or include an approval process as part of the request. Also, there may be a requirement to classify each Communication Site with key business data and identify who are owners of that Site. Finally, Communications Sites are frequently used for a short period to communicate a business update or a key initiative. As a result, managing the lifecycle of Communication Site with an expiry process is also an essential requirement.

Fortunately, the governance and lifecycle requirements associated with Communication Sites can be delivered by using ProvisionPoint 365. The remainder of this blog post will explain the various features which meet these requirements.

Configuring a Service Definition

A Service Definition in ProvisionPoint 365 defines the type of object to be provisioned. One option is a SharePoint Site Collection with a Communication Site as the base template.

SharePoint Communication Site Template

Other options which can be selected including a non-Group connected Team Site and various Classic Site Collection templates.

One or more Active Directory Security groups are used to control who can request Sites using this Service Definition. Linking a request form to a Service Definition will require the user to specify certain organisational metadata when requesting the Communication Site. Also, if required, an approval process can be linked to any requests using the Service Definition.

SharePoint Communication Site Approval

The combination of these settings enables an administrator to restrict the creation of Communication Sites to a process specific to their organisation.

To manage the lifecycle of a Communication Site a Lease is used for that Service Definition. Each Lease can trigger actions after a defined period, including notifications, deletion and archive.

See it in Action

If you would like to see how ProvisionPoint 365 improves the provisioning and governance of Communication Sites, then contact us for a demo.