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Office 365 Approval Workflows. Sorted.

Approval Workflow for Provisioning Requests

One of the biggest challenges around managing sites in Office 365 is whether to let users create them or make them submit a request to an administrator. Neither of these scenarios are ideal, especially when Office 365 methods do not match your business processes. You can implement approval on documents so why can’t you do this for documents?

ProvisionPoint 365 solves this problem by providing the ability to build an Approval or Authorisation Workflow and associate it to any type of site. New site requests or actions on existing sites can be orchestrated through clear approval processes. Workflows can route approval to different users dependant on the type of site.

Approval can either done within the ProvisionPoint 365 App or via links within email notifications. Administrators or fellow site owners can also be notified about changes to sites, to keep everyone informed.

Approval Workflow for Provisioning Requests

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