The Benefits of ProvisionPoint 365

Manageable Self-Service for Users.

Peace of Mind for Management.

Confidence. Compliance. Cohesion.

Prevent Microsoft Workspace Sprawl

For many organisations, the user-empowered flexibility of Office 365 has enabled the creation of multiple and sometimes duplicate Teams by employees – which can quickly spiral out of control.

Implementing approvals for new Team requests, using the pre-defined approval processes in ProvisionPoint 365, can help prevent the unnecessary sprawl of Teams, SharePoint Sites, Yammer Communities and more.


Empower Users With Self-Service

Provide users with guiderails not rules and empower them to take responsibility for their workspaces.

With built in, ready to use templates, an intuitive user interface and simple workflows, ProvisionPoint 365 makes it easy for users to request and rapidly create compliant Teams and SharePoint Online Sites.

Accelerate Office 365 Adoption

ProvisionPoint 365 simplifies Office 365 Governance for users, IT administrators and management. It can help improve adoption by enabling user self-service to easily request new Office 365 objects.

With its pre-defined templates and simple request process, it’s so easy to use, which in turn reduces the need to use other insecure cloud services and makes employees feel more confident to adopt and use the Office 365 suite of tools.


Governance. Sorted.

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Improve Workplace Collaboration

Office 365 is a suite of productivity tools to help employees share knowledge, communicate better and effectively achieve more in a shorter time frame.

Combined with ProvisionPoint 365 and its robust governance solutions for every Office 365 workspace, users can compliantly collaborate smarter and faster than ever before.

Automate Workspace Disposal

Get more control over the expiry process for sites, Teams and Groups created in Office 365 by assigning different leases against different Office 365 objects.

Use ProvisionPoint 365 to set specific expiry options for a lease including archiving, notifications, removing access, deletion, and more.

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Implement Your Governance Policies

ProvisionPoint 365 brings effective Lifecycle Management to your Office 365 workspaces, ensuring that your Governance policies are enforced with minimal disruption to the end-user experience.

Ensure Workspace Compliance

With ProvisionPoint 365, it’s easy to apply the correct privacy to Office 365 Groups and Modern Team Sites. You can also control which users are given access to newly provisioned objects and enable external access only where required.

This significantly reduces risk by ensuring that sensitive data locations are secured and classified according to your organisational needs.


Increase Efficiency of IT Resources

With the ability to promote user-self service with pre-defined templates and approval processes, the pressure on the IT department to create, approve and manage Sites, Groups and Teams is significantly reduced.

Governance. Sorted.

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See how ProvisionPoint 365 can help you with your Microsoft 365 Challenges.

Discover User Permissions With Ease

Identify and track user and administrator permissions and permission activity across your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Knowing the position is half of the battle for permissions governance. ProvisionPoint Permissions gives you the tools you need to win the war with ease.

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Report on Permissions For All Workspaces

Comprehensive permissions reporting becomes reality with granular reporting at the workspace, site, list, or item level depending on your specific needs.

Filter, sort, and export report data into 3rd party tools. Enable alerts to keep you informed of change when it happens, keeping you one step ahead at all times.

Respond to Audit Needs

Auditing permissions in your Microsoft 365 workspaces no longer need to be an arduous task.

Keep up to date and compliant with any reporting or auditing requirements, supported by rapid bulk updating if required.

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Empower Workspace Owners

Allow authorised users within your organisation to create and control Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites, lists, libraries and content for their team members.

These users know who should have access to that content, and hold the responsibility to control Office 365 permissions on the content. This speeds up the Teams and SharePoint site creation process and subsequent management while reducing pressure on IT.

Improve Workspace Security

Permission inheritance is typically broken when sharing a list item or folder. And it can be time consuming to re-inherit permissions on site or list every time someone changes role or leaves the organisation.

Not anymore. In a single click, ProvisionPoint Permissions can create a list of all your documents with broken permission inheritance, negating the need to wade through thousands of documents and libraries to discover where any broken permission inheritance occurs.

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Governance. Sorted.

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See how ProvisionPoint 365 can help you with your Microsoft 365 Challenges.

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Ensure Workspace Compliance

Have confidence that access to workspaces, sites, lists, or individual items will not cause you compliance headaches.

Risk can be managed and mitigated by ensuring that sensitive or confidential data locations are secured and permissioned in line with your organisational needs.

Manage Guest and External Access

With greater insight into user and group permissions, use ProvisionPoint Permissions to quickly analyse and establish how data is being accessed.

This enhanced visibility can protect your organisation from any internal and external threats, control unauthorised access to sensitive content and ultimately ensure permission policy compliance.

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Decentralise IT Workload

With ProvisionPoint Permissions, you can ensure data is effectively protected and security policies are enforced.

Site Owners, Administrators or designated users can easily assign the correct permissions to each and every user, to maintain a high level of security and prevent security breaches while still promoting user self-service.