Monitor Microsoft 365 Actions and Requests

When you monitor Microsoft 365 actions you gain insight into Adoption, Audit Changes, and manage provisioning and disposal requests.

Monitoring Microsoft 365 Actions

Get valuable insight into Microsoft 365 adoption by analysing trends of provisioning requests. Use the Timeline within ProvisionPoint 365 to see the detail of the provisioning process and the history of changes.

Giving administrators the ability to monitor Microsoft 365 actions including provisioning requests and easily troubleshoot any problems within specific templates. Audit changes made to Microsoft 365 objects with detail of change date, user involved and any approval steps.

Understanding how your users are interacting with Microsoft 365 across its platforms can help ensure that the broader organisation is following operational standards, adopting the software properly after implementation and highlight any departmental or site specific gaps. This allows you to unlock the true potential of Microsoft 365 and gain efficiencies.



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