ProvisionPoint 365 for Groups

Enabling Groups Governance with Minimum Fuss. 

Provisioning for Microsoft 365 Groups

ProvisionPoint 365 helps organisations better manage the creation of Microsoft 365 Groups with a comprehensive provisioning solution.

Administrators can easily control who can create Groups and even implement approval processes as part of the overall provisioning process to maintain consistency and control while offering user self service.


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Compliance for Microsoft 365 Groups

With ProvisionPoint 365, you can confidently ensure the correct privacy is applied to all your Office 365 Groups to improve compliance and reduce risk while enabling both internal and external users to securely access specific and appropriate Groups across the business.

Lifecycle for Microsoft 365 Groups

ProvisionPoint 365 Lifecycle Management offers a consistent way to create, manage and dispose of Office 365 Groups to improve workspace lifecycle management with minimal disruption to the end-user experience.

Admin can gain greater control over the expiry process for all Groups by defining lease periods and delegating key actions, so authorised users can effectively manage their own Groups, ultimately driving user self service while reducing the help desk workload.




Solving Office 365 Governance Challenges with ProvisionPoint 365



Prevent Microsoft Workspace Sprawl


Empower Users with Self-Service


Accelerate Office 365 Adoption


Improve Workplace Collaboration


Automate Workspace Disposal


Implement Your Governance Policies


Ensure Workspace Compliance


Increase Efficiency of IT Resources

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