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Provisioning for Yammer Communities

Managing a conversation is a common requirement for many organisational activities. Whether it be for a project, a product launch or marketing campaign, conversations drive collaboration, allowing colleagues to have in-context discussions relevant to the task in hand.  

With ProvisionPoint 365, organisations can rapidly provision Yammer Communities to enable conversations. With the flexibility of ProvisionPoint 365 Service Definitions to create relevant Communities, the reality of fully managed Group control for Office 365 is now realised, while maintaining full user self-service and effectively managing sprawl.

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Compliance for Yammer Communities

ProvisionPoint 356 supports all your data security challenges to help you meet all your security and compliance requirements for your Yammer community messages.

Manage data and activity and even set up alerts for any violations of specific company rules.


Lifecycle for Yammer Communities

Use ProvisionPoint 365 to set up and effectively manage data retention policies to retain, delete and control all community messages.

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Solving Office 365 Governance Challenges with ProvisionPoint 365



Prevent Microsoft Workspace Sprawl


Empower Users with Self-Service


Accelerate Office 365 Adoption


Improve Workplace Collaboration


Automate Workspace Disposal


Implement Your Governance Policies


Ensure Workspace Compliance


Increase Efficiency of IT Resources

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