Is your SharePoint and Teams content Copilot ready?

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Blog, Compliance, Governance Benefits, Permissions, Provisioning, SharePoint

Copilot and AI

How to successfully adopt AI is one of the most important challenges facing CIOs this year.  There are several key challenges, including this shared by Microsoft, “Copilot uses your existing permissions and policies to deliver the most relevant information, building on top of our existing commitments to data security and data privacy in the enterprise.”  This sentence reflects one of the biggest challenges faced by organisations preparing for Copilot, which is it can discover all the content a user has access to.  This can include content the user does not know they have access to and the organisation did not intend them to have access to. 

Oversharing of Content in SharePoint and Teams

Content oversharing occurs when information is disseminated to an audience broader than necessary, whether by design or inadvertently.  This could mean a user has access to sensitive personal or confidential information.  Whilst the user may not immediately know they have access, Copilot does and may then use that data when responding to user queries.                   

Examples of oversharing include:

  • Groups being set to Public, which means all the content in the SharePoint Site is accessible to everyone in the organisation.
  • Where Sharing Links have been used to grant access to individual files and have overridden Site permissions.
  • Where there are separate permissions applied to Site objects beyond the standard Team Memberships.

Addressing the challenge of oversharing is crucial for maintaining data control and an area that must be addressed when preparing for Copilot.

Get control of your Microsoft 365 content

Copilot will soon become an essential element of how organisations use Microsoft 365.  However, it is important to get control of your content and this is where solutions from KWIZ and ProvisionPoint can help.  We provide a range of applications and services to help organisations prepare for Copilot, including:

  • Audit our new app that provides a range of reports to help identify risks with content that has been shared from SharePoint and Teams.
  • CMS365 our Copilot ready content management solution that allows organisations to author rich content on top of SharePoint.
  • Assessments to assess the level of preparedness of an organisation for AI and report a clear set of recommendations.

These solutions help ensure a organisations effectively prepare and use Microsoft Copilot in a secure manner.