ProvisionPoint Permissions

Improve security with powerful features to Discover, Secure, and Control Microsoft 365 user permissions.

How ProvisionPoint Permissions Addresses the Permissions Challenge

ProvisionPoint Permissions is a robust user management solution for Microsoft 365 Workspaces, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and more.

It provides a comprehensive overview of all user permissions from a single console, to rapidly identify, track and audit all aspects of user permissions across Microsoft 365.

Armed with this greater insight, you can rapidly discover any permissions changes – such as changing user roles or staff turnover – and action issues immediately, keeping Workspaces fully secure.

Whether they are directly assigned, inherited or granted through Active Directory or SharePoint groups, with ProvisionPoint Permissions, it’s easy to control and report on permissions centrally as everyday changes occur, to deliver well-managed, secure and compliant user permissions across your business.


Identify and track user and administrator activity from a central console.

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Prevent unauthorised access & ensure policy compliance of all your Microsoft 365 workspaces.

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Easily add, clone or change permissions for Teams and Group members in a single click.

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Solving Microsoft 365 User Permissions Challenges

Organisations need to keep Microsoft 365 Workspaces secure.

Yet the increase in collaborative working and user self-service surrounding Teams, SharePoint and other Microsoft 365 Workspaces, means it can be complex and time consuming to track user activity, audit permissions, and prevent unauthorised access to sensitive content.

ProvisionPoint Permissions provides a complete picture of your Microsoft 365 user permissions with a dynamic feature set so you can effectively take full control of all your Microsoft 365 user permissions, prevent security breaches, and maintain policy compliance.


Enable Permissions Discovery


Comprehensive Reporting


Enable Simplified Auditing


Empower Owners with Self-Service


Improve Workspace Security


Ensure Workspace Compliance


Manage Guest & External Access


De-Centralise IT Workload