Secure Microsoft 365 Permissions

Easily secure your Microsoft 365 user permissions across all Microsoft 365 Workspaces including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, and more.

Improve Permissions Governance

With greater insight into user and group permissions, use ProvisionPoint Permissions to quickly analyse and establish how data is being accessed.

This enhanced visibility can protect your organisation from any internal and external threats, control unauthorised access to sensitive content and ultimately ensure permission policy compliance.

Secure Permissions
Permissions Data Protection

Enforce Data Protection Policies

With ProvisionPoint Permissions, you can ensure data is effectively protected and security policies are enforced.

Team Owners, Site Administrators or designated users can easily assign the correct permissions to each and every user, to maintain a high level of security and prevent security breaches while still promoting user self-service.

Reduce Risk. Improve Compliance.

Have confidence that access to information in Microsoft 365 will not cause you compliance headaches. Reduce risk by ensuring that sensitive data locations are secured and permissioned according to your organisational needs.

Control which users are given access to Workspace objects and content and control guest and external access where required.

Compliance for Office 365

Microsoft 365 Permissions. Sorted.

Ready to see more?

See how ProvisionPoint Permissions can help with your Microsoft 365 permissions management needs.

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