How Compliance Policies Strengthen Microsoft 365 Governance

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Blog, Compliance, Home Page, Office 365 Governance

Since their initial introduction in October last year, we continue to develop and expand our Compliance Policies features in ProvisionPoint Workspaces. And the latest release of our powerful governance solution includes some exciting new Compliance Policies functionality. 

What are Compliance Policies?

Within ProvisionPoint Workspaces, Compliance Policies are a configurable set of checks which administrators can define and then run against a Microsoft Team, Site or Group. These policies can identify any “non-compliant workspaces” and then take the appropriate action.

This new update expands on the initial support of rules to check for Disabled Owners, by introducing rules for External Sharing.  These new rules will check all your External Sharing settings across multiple Sites on a scheduled basis to identify any changes, such as changes to the initial settings or if the Sites no longer match a defined setting.  This will allow organisations to rapidly find Sites where External Sharing does not conform to current corporate standards and effectively presents a risk of files being incorrectly shared. 

The results of these checks can be reported to administrators in order to swiftly address any incorrect settings and ensure all Sites are aligned to meet company standards.

Recent feedback from customers and partners told us that they would like to see additional visualisations to help them understand the outputs of the Compliance Policy run screens.  So, included in this update, administrators can now easily view which Policy checks have identified non-compliant workspaces. They can even drill down for further information including a history of checks.

Compliance Policies ProvisionPoint Workspaces

Action Information from Compliance Checks

Finally, we knew our customers were looking for more ways to action information from compliance checks.  Therefore, we have also introduced the capability for administrators to configure automatic notifications to be sent for non-compliant workspaces. 

All the information collected from Compliance Policies will now be accessible from our API, allowing further analysis in reporting tools such as Power BI.

If you would like to learn more about our Compliance Polices, why not join our free webinar on Wednesday 02 March 2022 to see how they can help you improve Microsoft 365 governance in your organisation.

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