Intelligent Modern SharePoint Site Classification

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Blog, Compliance, Office 365 Governance

In Office 365 there is the option to apply a classification to Modern SharePoint Site which will define the sensitivity of your site data. This classification is visible to users of the SharePoint Site, the associated Office 365 Group and if one is created the Microsoft Team.

SharePoint Site Classification

While site classification is a useful feature in Office 365 many organisations will not use it because the configuration relies upon running PowerShell against Azure Active Directory. This technical requirement would represent a barrier to many information managers who would want to classify the sensitivity of data in SharePoint.

The other significant challenge with using site classifications is the native experience relies on the users selecting the correct classification. The result can be data incorrectly classified as sensitive or personal data given a public classification.

The Q1 release of ProvisionPoint 365 includes the option to configure site classifications and define how a value is set on a specific SharePoint Site.

Configuring Site Classification

By using ProvisionPoint 365 there is no longer a requirement for PowerShell to configure Site Classifications. An administrator of the ProvisionPoint 365 app can enable classifications for the Office 365 tenant and define the different classification values.

Enable Site Classifications

There is also the option to define the default classification and url to the usage guidelines for the classifications.

Defaulting a Classification

Once configured there are several options for how classification can be set against a site using ProvisionPoint 365. It is possible to use a service definition specific default classification, from those who have been configured. Any site created using that service definition will always have that site classification set.

Default Site Classification

User Request a Classification

For a service definition it is possible to allow requestors to choose classification, with two different options. Firstly you can allow the requester to select from the classification list defined within ProvisionPoint 365. This could either be the full classification list or only selection of the classifications for that service definition.

User Request Site Classification

One example of how a limited list of classifications could be used is not to allow a classification of confidential to be set against sites created with a specific Service Definition.

The second option for how requesters can set the classification is to use data from the request form field. An administrator can map values from a dropdown list column type to different site classifications. For example, selecting a division of Finance from the request form could set a site classification of confidential.


Site Classifications is a feature of Office 365 which interests many organisations. However the reliance on PowerShell will deter many, as will the limited options for how classifications can be applied. ProvisionPoint 365 makes it easy to deploy site classifications and offers the flexibility to meet different governance requirements.

Get in contact if you would like a demo of site classifications for Office 365 using ProvisionPoint 365.