Microsoft Teams Provisioning Live

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Blog, Lifecycle Management, Office 365 Governance

The Microsoft Teams Blog announced this week the general availability of 37 Graph APIs for Microsoft Teams. This allows organisations to deliver solutions for automating Microsoft Teams. Whether this is the bulk creation of Teams or implementing a consistent approach to how Teams are created.

Organisations need to think carefully about how best to use these APIs to give the Governance required for Microsoft Teams. A tool such as PowerShell is fine for administrators but is inappropriate for end users. Microsoft Flow is fine for simple document approvals but is not an enterprise solution for solving governance problems.  Instead, organisations should find a product which use these APIs to deliver a comprehensive Governance solution for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Provisioning in ProvisionPoint 365

Support for Microsoft Teams provisioning is now generally available in ProvisionPoint 365. This will help organisations control the risk of information sprawl. Also, it will allow effective classification, naming and discovery of Microsoft Teams. However, none of this will hinder user adoption because ProvisionPoint 365 is designed to be easy for users to create objects like Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams Provisioning Live

A previous blog post about Microsoft Teams provisioning and governance explained how ProvisionPoint 365 provides administrators with tools to configure templates for Microsoft Teams. These templates can be restricted so that only defined users can create Teams. Also, each Template for creating a Microsoft Team will define default settings to apply to the Team.

Organisations can further use ProvisionPoint 365 to control the associated SharePoint objects created with the Microsoft Team. This could include creating predefined Document Libraries, applying a consistent Brand or managing Security settings.

Continuing to improve Microsoft Teams Governance

The capability for Microsoft Teams provisioning will continue to improve in ProvisionPoint 365 as the Graph API evolves. This will include allowing our customers control over how Channels are created in a new Team. Organisations will also be able to manage the Lifecycle of Microsoft Teams.

We would like to thank key customers and members of the Microsoft MVP community who contributed to our Microsoft Teams beta. We will continue to evolve our solutions for Microsoft Teams with their support.

If you would like more information about Microsoft Teams provisioning than please contact us for a Microsoft Teams provisioning demo.