Naming Conventions Within ProvisionPoint

by | May 20, 2022 | Blog, Yammer

Naming conventions within Microsoft 365 are always a big subject for us here at ProvisionPoint, one which regularly comes up during Product Demonstrations.  This speaks volumes for the importance of naming within Workspaces  such as Teams and Sites. Within this article I am going to explore how ProvisionPoint can help our customers utilise naming conventions easily and manage ongoing compliance.
Why use naming conventions?

Naming conventions can be used to organise your Workspaces in a much more productive way, across SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, Planner and Groups. For example, having a prefix of “PRJ” for your projects, “TM” for Teams or “SP” for SharePoint can allow your Workspaces to be easily found, grouped, and managed.

Naming conventions in Teams
Naming conventions are also utilised to ensure the purpose of the Workspace is captured. You can use business-specific meta-data such as a project code, cost centre, division, or sensitivity to apply a meaningful name. Organisations may require multiple teams under the same title or for external collaboration such as different projects, and therefore it is important to have these Workspaces named appropriately for proper identification.
You may also want to highlight the Security level of your Workspace. For example, whether your Workspaces allow guest access or external sharing within the Naming Convention using popular terms such as “INT” internal or “EXT” external. This will allow users to clearly see where the content is shared and be mindful of what content is included.
Setting up naming conventions also prevents duplicates – we have had conversations with customers who have ten Teams called “Marketing” before a suitable Naming Convention was applied.
How can ProvisionPoint help?


  1. A ProvisionPoint Workspaces admin can design and create the naming convention that will be applied to Workspaces using our Service Definitions at the point of creation. This includes creating prefixes, suffixes, and your own meta-data.
2. We can help you define a user-friendly title and URL naming convention that can either be the same, or have different meta-data associated with it.

3. Utilise managed meta-data to allow users to choose the values that will be used in your Naming Conventions for each Workspace. For example, select your department from your term store ensuring your departmental Workspace is only created once with the appropriate approval assigned.

4. You can import existing Workspaces and bring them in line with any Naming Conventions that you have created, ensuring proper organisation and compliance.

5. Ongoing compliance checks can be performed on a scheduled basis using our Compliance Policies feature. Check for any mismatches to your policy and choose how you ensure that consistent Naming policies are applied throughout the life cycle.

In summary, ProvisionPoint Workspaces can help you achieve and maintain continuity, accuracy, and visibility of what your Workspaces are for, while ensuring easier grouping and ongoing management.

If you are interested in knowing more about how ProvisionPoint can help with naming conventions and other aspects of your Microsoft 365 governance, please get in touch today.