Trust is the key to Hybrid Collaboration

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Blog, Home Page

Businesses around the world are getting used to hybrid collaboration; combining on-site and off-site working. With an increasing number of employees working remotely than ever before this has created some unique challenges. Employers are having to ensure that they have collaboration equity. This is the idea that all their employees can collaborate productively, with the same tools and opportunities being given to remote workers as well as office-based staff.

So, what is Hybrid Collaboration? Hybrid collaboration is a model in which employers need to intentionally create workspaces that allow remote workers and office workers to collaborate on the same level, with the minimum amount of effort, which will in turn improve productivity and communication. Overall, allowing more options for employees will help them to choose which model best suits them, which drives motivation and breeds trust.
Hybrid Collaboration
What challenges are businesses facing?

We at ProvisionPoint all work remotely, so this has been a business model for us since our inception. Yet there are still challenges that we face in finding the right ways to manage our workspaces and drive productivity, as all businesses will.

While Adoption into the Microsoft ecosystem has the benefits of utilising familiar apps such as Word and Excel, it also introduces an entirely new way of working in the Cloud along with introducing new tools such as SharePoint and Teams, which are extremely valuable assets to IT Teams, but users will not be familiar with them.
IT Teams want to encourage trust in this new Cloud environment, and this works both ways. Users need to trust that these new workspaces will be suitable for their needs, and IT teams need to trust the users and have confidence about the management of data.

Microsoft 365 can entirely change the way we collaborate and communicate, but only if users are aware of all the features that will make their lives easier. It can be difficult to know what tools to use and when to use them or even how to use them. That is where ProvisionPoint 365 comes in, our app can aid in promoting the adoption process and presenting self-service to users.

ProvisionPoint 365 helps to create trust while also putting less pressure on IT Teams. Our app provides admins with the ability to set parameters and rules for collaborative workspace creation, putting some of the power in your employees’ hands whilst still being monitored and managed appropriately, allowing for a much more conducive environment across your new Cloud services.
If you would like to know more about how ProvisionPoint 365 can assist in your hybrid collaboration model, please get in touch, or book a demonstration.