Join the ProvisionPoint team in this new webinar to understand how to effectively manage external access to your SharePoint Sites and Microsoft Teams.

  • Wednesday, 27 April 2022
  • 11AM EST (4PM GMT)
  • Peter Baddeley, CEO, ProvisionPoint

The Microsoft Cloud has allowed us to work with people in new ways during the pandemic, leveraging technologies such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint in new ways. One example of these new work practices is how we collaborate with people outside of our organisation, whether that be by inviting a guest or sharing a file. However, the downside of greater flexibility is new security headaches for compliance and IT teams. How do you ensure:


  • Firstly, there is a consistent model for how external parties have access to information in Sites and Teams.
  • Secondly, the business and users can clearly identify what information is shared externally and with whom.
  • Thirdly, sensitive or personal information is not shared incorrectly with external parties.
  • Finally, access is removed to files for partners or contractors when they should no longer have access.

Join Peter Baddeley, ProvisionPoint CEO, who will be joined by Jennifer Pitts, ProvisionPoint Customer Success Manager, for this brand-new webinar. In this session you will learn how ProvisionPoint 365 helps organisations:

  • Quickly report on who has access to Files, Sites and Teams.
  • Deliver a consistent approach for how Sites and Teams are shared externally.
  • Implement approval processes before Sites and Teams are enabled for external access.
  • Run scheduled reports on non-compliant external access and act.
All guests will be able to ask questions in the live Q&A at the end of the demonstration