New ProvisionPoint Permissions Boosts Microsoft 365 Governance

by | Jun 8, 2021

Microsoft 365 Governance Features Bolstered with the Launch of ProvisionPoint Permissions

London, 8 June 2021 – ProvisionPoint Limited is thrilled to announce the launch of ProvisionPoint Permissions, its new user and permissions governance solution that addresses the permissions challenges of modern businesses. Built for Microsoft 365 workspaces including Teams, SharePoint Online, Groups, and more, this innovative solution helps discover, secure, and control Microsoft 365 user permissions to deliver enhanced visibility, superior management, and improved reporting while protecting workspaces.

ProvisionPoint Permissions provides a comprehensive overview of all Microsoft 365 user permissions from a single console to rapidly identify, track, and audit user permissions across the customer’s Microsoft 365 tenant. Armed with this greater insight, authorised users can discover any changes to permissions and action any issues immediately, keeping workspaces fully secure.

Discover, Secure and Control 

With extensive reporting across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites, Groups, lists, and even at item level, combined with its impressive auditing features, ProvisionPoint Permissions rapidly reveals how data is being accessed to confidently control any unauthorised access to sensitive content, and protect the organisation from internal or external threats. 

Authorised users can also be responsible for the permissions within their own Microsoft 365 workspaces. This on-going management streamlines governance for Microsoft 365 workspaces, reducing pressure on the IT team, while continuing to promote user self-service, responsibility, and empowerment. 

What’s more, by leveraging centralised permissions management, administrators can control permissions on a larger scale across multiple workspaces from a single view, greatly reducing the effort previously associated to tenant-wide permissions management. With ProvisionPoint Permissions, it’s easy to add, clone, or change permissions for site, team, or group members in bulk, or even remove or reassign multiple users at once. These bulk permission operations can save hundreds of hours of manual intervention per year and notably reduce the workload of the customer’s IT team.

“It has never been more critical for organisations to keep Microsoft 365 workspaces secure. With the increase in remote working and demand for greater collaboration surrounding Microsoft 365 workspaces, it can be challenging for businesses to track user activity, audit permissions, and prevent unauthorised access,” explains Seb Matthews, Chief Strategy Officer at ProvisionPoint. “ProvisionPoint Permissions solves these challenges, by providing a cross-tenant overview of a customer’s Microsoft 365 user permissions along with a set of intuitive features, allowing effective prevention of security breaches and improved compliance with organisational policy.”

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