ProvisionPoint launches governance for Viva Engage

by | Aug 5, 2023 | Home Page, News, Office 365 Governance, Uncategorized, Yammer

ProvisionPoint 365 has enhanced its governance offerings for Microsoft 365, with support for Viva Engage. In the latest release, new features help manage the whole lifecycle of communities in Viva Engage. This helps ensure organisations have control of sprawl whilst continuing to empower users.

What is Viva Engage?

Viva Engage is an evolution of Yammer into the Viva Suite. Viva Engage is an app in Teams that allows users to share conversations, collaborate in communities and access company announcements. Open to all your employees it is designed to foster connections and knowledge sharing. Communities in Viva Engage allow employees to connect based on similar topics, roles, and interests.

Microsoft Viva Engage

Why do you need Governance

Like SharePoint and Teams, organisations can struggle to manage the sprawl of Viva Engage communities. Users can get confused if information is not effectively archived when it is no longer needed. Worse users might use incorrect information to follow a process or make a decision. However, any governance must be unobtrusive so as not to interfere with the natural collaboration of Viva Engage.

Governance is also important for IT. Viva Engage communities create Microsoft 365 Groups, that create objects in Azure and SharePoint. This can cause challenges including if a community is created in Viva Engage called marketing or HR that could conflict with names for existing or planned Azure objects. Rules in a governance solution can help ensure that system objects are consistently named and organised.

How does ProvisionPoint help?

ProvisionPoint helps ensure that Viva Engage remains self-service. This is despite organisations needing to implement governance on apps like SharePoint and Teams. This is achieved through a flexible set of rules aligned based on different workspace types.

Governance for Viva Engage

This lightweight governance can still ensure that Viva Engage communities are archived when they are no longer being used. Thus helping to manage the challenge of workspace sprawl. Further, IT can be confident that Azure continues to be governed when Viva Engage is deployed.

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